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Q. I found Birth/Marriages /Deaths on Free B/M/D under Alderbury. Will you have any information about them?

A. Alderbury Registration District covered 23 parishes including Salisbury and Alderbury itself. We may be able to help you if you know that your ancestors came from Alderbury Parish itself. Alderbury Parish includes the hamlet of Whaddon.


Q. If the words Alderbury Registration District are under the heading of Births, Deaths and Marriages does that imply residence in the parish of Alderbury at the time of the event?

A. Not necessarily. Alderbury Registration District contained 23 parishes including Salisbury


Q. Which parishes did Alderbury Registration District cover?

A. Alderbury, Britford, Charlton All Saints & Standlynch, Coombe Bissett, Downton, Fisherton Anger, Farley and Pitton, East Grimstead with West Dean, East Harnham, Homington, Landford, Laverstock & Ford, Morgan's Vale, Nunton & Bodenham, Odstock, Redlynch, Salisbury,Stratford-sub-Castle, Tony Stratford, West Grimstead, West Harnham, Whiteparish, Winterslow.


Q. Was the Alderbury Union Workhouse in Alderbury?

 A. No. The Alderbury Union Workhouse was part of the parish of Britford and took the poor from those parishes that formed the Alderbury Union. The Alderbury Union consisted of the parishes of Alderbury (with Pitton & Farley), East and West Grimstead, Winterslow, Clarendon, Downton, Whiteparish, Landford, Standlynch, Nunton and Bodenham, Odstock, Homington, Coombe Bissett, Stoney Stratford, West Harnham, Milford, Britford, Fisherton Anger, Stratford- sub- Castle, Laverstock ( with Ford), and the Close in Sarum.


Q. Do you have information regarding the parish of Whaddon?

A. No, the Whaddon in our title is a hamlet in the parish of Alderbury near Salisbury.


Q. Where is the parish of Whaddon in Wiltshire?

A. In the north of Wiltshire, near Trowbridge.


Q. Are there any other Whaddons?

A. Yes, in Gloucestershire and Cambridgeshire.


Q. Will you undertake look-ups and research for me?

A. We are happy to help those with a genuine interest in the history of Alderbury or Whaddon, but we are a small group and do not usually undertake commissioned research for others. We are happy to exchange information with other enthusiasts and local historians. We do not provide any form of commercial service.


Q. How can I get help with my family history research in the county records office?

A. If you are able to visit, the archivist and librarians in local records offices or local history libraries will be pleased to help you. Most are extremely experienced and can offer guidance and advice to beginners and specialists alike. If you can’t visit, see next question.


Q. Do you undertake research commissions?

A. No; we are interested in researching the history of our villages and generally do not undertake research in the records offices for others. However, there are plenty of people who will do genealogical research for you, but most charge a fee. See the family history magazines for details.


Q. How may I pay for your publications if I live outside the UK?

A. To order our books and pay with your credit card, visit the Wiltshire Family History website at Genfair









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