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There are fascinating snippets to be found in old newspapers and the Salisbury area is fortunate that almost complete runs of the local newspapers are available on microfilm in the public library. These are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always interesting. Here, we provide a number of extracts relating to Alderbury and Whaddon. No doubt others will continue to come to light and from time to time, we will replace these, moving older entries to our archive area. We suggest that if you intend to rely on these for historical research, you refer to the original source as in some instances, entries may be abridged and often, we do not provide a quote, but a summary of what an article is about..


With thanks to Tom Barnett, who did much of the research on this current page.



Selected extracts from the Salisbury and Winchester Journal, 1799


7th January 1799
p2 White Hart Coach Office advertising a Coach through Romsey, Southampton, Botley and Titchfield every afternoon at 3pm, Sundays excepted. 2 notices ref. meetings of Proprietors of the Southampton and Salisbury (S&S) Canal [planned to pass through Alderbury].

p3 Long article ref S&S Canal, mainly wanting more money.


28th January 1799
p2 All persons who are indebted to Miss Elizabeth Reeves, of Alderbury, Shopkeeper, are desired forthwith to pay the same to either Mr. John Toomer, of Clarendon Park, Mr. Joseph Ball, of Ford Mill, or T. Wilmot, Attorney, Salisbury, who are duly authorised to receive the same.

p3 To be sold by Auction with Preview, Wednesday 6th February and the following day. All household furniture, goods and other effects of the late Mrs. Prewitt, at Farley, deceased, comprising bedsteads & furniture, beds and bedding, chairs, tables, an eight day clock & case, one draught horse, two carts & harness, brewing utensils, a quantity of boards, & other articles too numerous to mention. The sale to begin each morning at eleven o'clock.


4th February 1799
p1 'Whereas Mr. J. Croke, late of Bristol, did, in the year 1793, leave sundry articles of wearing apparel at the house of Thomas Winter, at the Swan Inn, Stockbridge:- this is to give notice, that if he does not send for the same to T. Winter, at Alderbury near Salisbury, within two months from this date, they will be disposed of to pay the expenses. Alderbury, Feb. 1, 1799.


25th February 1799
p4 On Tuesday last Mr. Hayter, of Clarendon, near this city, accidentally fell into a clay pit near his own house, & was found there quite dead. (column headed Monday Feb. 18th 1799)


4th March 1799
p3 Ref. 'Pannels of Jurors' - because of an Act passed 9/1/1799 for granting certain Duties upon Income, a list of Jurors is given for the past five years. Included in these are:- Henry Hinxman of Alderbury (Lent Assizes 1797 and 1798). Peter Bathurst of Clarendon Park & George Yaldon Fort of Alderbury (Summer Assizes 1799). The Notice is signed by Edward Hinxman, Sheriff, Little Durnford House, 2 March 1799.


18th March 1799
p4 Early on Monday morning last died, Mr. Tho. Goodwin, of Alderbury, aged 88 years. He was nephew to the Rev. Nathaniel Goodwin, who died in 1756, at the age of 80, after being Vicar of that Parish 40 years. His nephew had some time officiated as Parish Clerk there; but had long declined it.


25th March 1799
p4 Alderbury near Salisbury. To be sold by Auction by R. Gatehouse. On the premises, on Wednesday 20th March 1799. All the household goods of a Person who has left off housekeeping at Alderbury; consisting of bedsteads with furniture, feather beds and bedding, a quantity of pewter, tables and chairs, and some useful things for shopkeeping, such as canisters, flour bins, flower scales and weights, several fowling pieces, copper and grates, garden tools, three stocks of bees, and numerous other articles. In the course of the day will be put up for sale a Bay Mare, coming five years old, sound in every respect, and about fifteen hands high. The sale to begin at half past ten of the clock in the morning'


8th April 1799
p4 On Friday died Miss Hinxman, eldest daughter of Henry Hinxman Esq., of Ivy Church House, near this city.


6th May 1799
p1 Another notice ref. S&S canal. (Thomas Ridding, Clerk)
Sarum and Ealing Turnpike [it ran through Alderbury] - Trustees will meet, pursuant to adjournment, on Friday next being the 10th day of May inst. at the house of Joachim Hibbard, the sign of the Maidenhead Inn Salisbury, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. Henry Stephens, Clerk and Treasurer.


13th May 1799
p1 S&S Canal, next GM to be on 30th May as sufficient number of Proprietors not attending this day (9th May) to adjourn the same.


20th May 1799
p1 'Whereas I John Griffen, of West Grimstead, Labourer, having trespassed on the grounds of Mr. William Head, of Whaddon, situate at West Grimstead aforesaid, and he out of lenity to me and my family, and on my agreeing to beg his pardon and promising never to be guilty of the like again, withdrawn a prosecution against me, - I do therefore hereby publicly beg his pardon, and I promise never to be guilty of the like again, as witness my mark, this 14th day of May, 1799, John Griffin, his X mark. Witness, Geo. Hibberd.

3rd June 1799
p1 Sarum & Ealing turnpike, meeting Friday next, Maidenhead Inn.

p1 Salisbury to Southampton Canal – the banks and towing path had been greatly damaged by persons hauling boats over and across them, and they had been dragging nets and fishing. In future such cases would be prosecuted.

p4 Southampton to Salisbury Canal, addressed to 'the Subscribers' and referring to the GM on 30th May,[plus a similar notice on another column, and all in a paper which came out in June!]


10th June 1799
p1 Whereas I, Thomas Barnes, of the parish of Alderbury, in the county of Wilts, did, on the 23rd day of May last, assault George Wort, of the liberty of Clarendon Park, without the least provocation, for which he has justly commenced a Prosecution against me, but has condescended to stop any further proceedings against me, on my publicly asking his pardon, and promising not to be guilty of the like again, and paying the expence of this advertisement, signed Thomas Barnes. Witness, Stephen Windsor.


17th June 1799
p1 Southampton and Salisbury Canal - notice of the Annual General Assembly to be held at New Sarum, Thursday 27 June.
Further Canal notices appear in the following editions:
June 24th (meeting, 27 June), July 8th (meeting, 18 July), July 22nd (meeting 18 July?), August 12th (meeting August 29th), September 2nd (asking for contributions, and stating that John Rennie is to be Principal Engineer), December 30th (General Meeting of Proprietors on 9th January 1800)


1st July 1799
The Sarum and Ealing Turnpike shareholders, reference a meeting to be held, as usual, at the Maidenhead Inn (home of Joachim Hibberd), to be held on 5th July.
Further Sarum and Ealing Turnpike notices appear in the following editions:
August 12th (meeting 16 August), September 2nd (meeting 6th September), November 25th (meeting 29th November)


9th September 1799
p2 Wiltshire list of Game Certificates included Peter Bathurst, Clarendon Park, and William Randall, Longford.


16th September 1799
p1 Whereas the injury done to the woods at Clarendon Park by vast numbers of people trespassing therein, under the pretence of nutting, is become an intolerable grievance, and renders it indispensably necessary to request that all persons will forbear committing the like Trespass. It is presumed that all well disposed persons will pay attention to this advertisement; and those, who think proper to persevere in defiance of this public notice, will be prosecuted.


4th November 1799
p1 To be sold by Auction, Alderbury, near Salisbury, by R. Gatehouse, on the premises, on Wednesday 30th October. All the farming stock of Mr. W. Laurence of Alderbury aforesaid, consisting of six useful Horses, Waggons, Carts, Harness, Plough and Tackles, Drags and Harrows; an exceeding good rick of Hay, about seven tons. The whole to be sold without reserve, as Mr. Laurence is going to retire from business - the sale to begin at eleven o'clock in the morning.


11th November 1799
p1 Whereas I, John Gale of Alderbury, Carpenter, did, on the 23rd October last, abuse and ill-treat Mr. John Perry, of Clarendon, in the turnpike road near Petersfinger, for which a Prosecution was intended to be commenced against me, but on my asking his pardon, which I do in this public manner, and promising never to be guilty of the like again, he has forgiven me - as witness my hand, this 7th. day of Movember, 1799, John Gale. Witness, Charles Harwood.


2nd December 1799
p4 Whaddon, nr. Salisbury, to be sold by Auction, by R. Smith, this present Monday, the 25th inst. The household furniture, prints and Books of Mr. J. Roberts consisting of bedsteads with cotton and other furniture, feather beds, blankets, quilts, mahogany chest of drawers and a curios cabinet, kitchen requisites, 48 sacks, a horse and cart etc. The sale to begin at eleven o'clock. N.B. The Books are mostly on Botany and Natural History.


9th December 1799
p1 Also December 30th 1799 p4, and January 6th 1800
Sarum and Ealing Turnpike. Notice is hereby given that the tolls, arising at the several Toll Gates on the turnpike, will be Lett by Auction, to the best bidder, at the house of Joachim Hibberd, known by the name of the Maidenhead Inn, in the city of New Sarum on Friday the 10th day of January next, between the hours of eleven and two of the clock, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th year of the reign of His Majesty King George the Third "for regulating turnpike roads" which Tolls produced the last year the several sums hereunder mentioned, above the expences of collecting the same; and will be put up at their respective sums in the following lots viz. Lot 1. Petersfinger, Earldown and Totton Gates - £965 Lot 2. Lobcombe Gate - £511 Lot 3. Lyndhurst Gate - £105 Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give security with sufficient securities, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such times as they direct. Henry Stephens, Clerk and Treasurer, November 29th, 1799.













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