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Alderbury’s Post Office



The story of the post office in Alderbury began in 1846, not long after the introduction of the penny post in 1840. This new method of communication led to a huge increase in correspondence as the cost came within the reach of those other than the wealthy. As pre-payment with postage stamps gained in popularity, the numbers of letters to be delivered increased too and this led to the establishment of many more post offices and sub post offices.


It seems likely that the first post office was opposite the Green Dragon public house, as Kelly’s Directory for 1867 gives John Lewis (who lived there) as the Receiver. It eventually moved to Silver Street before moving again to Old Road. The cottage there still bears the name “Ye Old Post Office”.


The modern post office is in Whaddon, co-located with one of Alderbury & WEhaddon’s two village shops. It moved to Whaddon in 1956, and was located in what was then Occomore’s bakers and grocers shop.


Further details of this fascinating piece of village history can be found in Alderbury’s Post Office, the first in the “Looking Locally” series of booklets.











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The “penny black”, the world’s first pre-paid postage stamp in 1840.


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The modern-day Post Office in Whaddon