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A history of the Alderbury dead who are

recorded on the village war memorials


Did you know that an Alderbury man went down with Lord Kitchener on HMS Hampshire  in 1916; that one was lost at sea escaping from a torpedoed Japanese prison ship, that another worked on the notorious Burma-Siam railway of death?


See the page on war heroes for a glimpse of the courage shown by those who died. This page is updated to feature new people, so return to it at a later date to see more. Old articles are stored in the archive section. A list of those commemorated is given below.


There are three war memorials in Alderbury, one on The Green and two in St Mary's parish church. Between them, they commemorate the fallen of Alderbury, Whaddon and Clarendon in WWI and WWII. Alderbury War Memorials: In Freedom’s Cause, tells the stories of those commemorated on the village war memorials in two world wars, and what they or their regiments were doing when they died. Photographs of the soldiers, maps and drawings illustrate their stories. There are also some others recorded who do not appear on the war memorials. The book describes some of the battles they and their regiments were engaged in and sets these in the overall context of the campaigns they fought;


  • on the Western Front,
  • in Italy and Greece;
  • in Gallipoli, Mesopotamia and Palestine;
  • on the beaches of Dunkirk and Normandy;
  • at the fall of Hong Kong and Singapore;
  • across the deserts of North Africa;
  • in the skies and at sea.


The book is fully indexed and includes the list of WWI survivors commemorated in Alderbury Parish Church.


Those who died and are recorded on the village war memorials are:



Albery Charles;

Bevan Charles;

Bundy Arthur;

Bundy Ernest;

Bundy Thomas;

Bundy Robert;

Bundy Walter;

Earney Edward;

Hatcher Edward;

Hatcher John; Hatcher Ernest;

Hatcher Frederick; Harper Frank;

Hazel Sidney;

Howe Alfred;

Ingram William;

Kerley Maurice;

Mouland Edgar;

Mouland Wilfred;

Northeast Albert;

Northeast Leslie;

Prewett Harry;

Rolls Hedley;

Rolls Reynold;

Sims John;

Tozer Hugh.



FW Carter, Lce-Sergt.;

MV Christie Miller, Lieut.;

EG Grout, Pte.;

S Gumbleton, Sub. Lieut.;

AWT Hatcher, Pte.;

JWC Kidd, Sergt. Pilot;

RC McLeod, Lieut.;

S Mitchell, Pte.;

JW Snook, Pilot Officer;

N Wathen, Sergt.;

WC Witt, Guardsman;

J Woodrow, Pte.









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